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#Dreamer – Steve Jobs


Last updated on 30 July 2020

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” is what he said.

✓ Perhaps his hunger was so great that it altered the contrivance of ordinary human thoughts. Being a college dropout, facing a time when he had to depend on temple for his meals, running out of money to the time dominating a whale of an electronic market almost single handedly, his journey of life had many ups and downs. Let’s check out some interesting facts about this legend.

✓ He was abandoned by his biological mother – The man with most complex ideas was strained to face complexity in his secluded life right from the time when he was in womb. His biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali was basically from Syria and met Joanne Schieble, his biological mother, for the first time at the University of Wisconsin. At 23rd spring of their life, both of them were inefficient to carry the burden of a child so they gave their baby to Steve’s adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs in response to the promise made by Jobs couple that they would impart higher education to the baby in college when he turn mature.

✓ He was a college dropout – It is a kind of astonishing fact that plenty of Billionaires including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg are college dropouts. Aforesaid was the case with Steve Jobs. He dropped out of Reed College in Oregon because he didn’t like the fact of spending his parent’s money but somehow he managed to continue his education by informally auditing classes one of which includes calligraphy course, which he says was instrumental in the upcoming Apple products’ attention to font and typography.

✓ There was a time when he struggled for his meals and shelter-Often time throws you in puddles of hardship. Jobs was thrown too. There came a time during his informal classes when he survived off free meals (Prasaad) from the local Hare Krishna temple. He had no ceiling on his head and slept on friends’ room floors at night. He even earned money by returning coke bottles. While his service in Atari, he was moved forcefully to the night shift when due to complaints about his hygiene as he rarely had shower those days.

✓ He was fired from his own Company – In 1985, he was pushed out of Apple on suggestion given to board of directors by John Sculley who was recruited by Jobs himself. But even this setback didn’t turned up a ball and chain for him and he then started NeXT Computers which was later purchased by Apple. According to him, being fired from his own building was one of his biggest setbacks of his life, but he thanked God for that too as it gave him an opportunity to act creatively and purchase an animation studio,Pixar.

✓ He purchased a new Mercedes every six months – There are some curious facts about Jobs which drop others in bafflement. One of which is charm of avoiding license plates on his luxury cars. Despite driving it constantly he refused to put license plates on his silver Mercedes. According to driving rules in California a car owner got a relaxation period of six months to put plates on a new car. For this reason he just purchased a new Mercedes Benz 550 AMG every six months which allows him to drive comfortably without attaching plates.

Written with 💓 by –

Palash Deshmukh

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