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Carlos Slim Helú


Last updated on 14 August 2020

“Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.” ~ Carlos Slim
If you spend a peso in Mexico, surely some portion of it will go to the Company Groups owned by Mr.Carlos Slim .
Carlos Slim Helu, an Investor, Mexican Business Maganate, Enterperneur and Philanthropist who rose to success by investing in Mexican banks.
Slim was born in Mexico city, Mexico on January 28, 1940 to Julian and Linda. His father was a successful dry goods business owner, who taught Carlos and his siblings business at an early age of 12. He handled his family business until the age of 17. He attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico, to study Civil Engineering. Slim began his career as a trader in the Mexico and soon went on to start his own brokerage firm that invested in individual businesses. By 1965 his capital had grown big enough that he was incorporating other companies or buying them outright. By 1966 he was worth an estimated US dollar 40 million and growing although his early career saw him investing in many different individuals businesses his main focus was construction, mining and real estate and he continued to acquire businesses in those fields.
Slim married SoUmaya Dommit in 1967 and the couple had six children together. During the 1970s he continued growing his Empire by establishing and purchasing companies in the various Industries. By 1980 unified all of them into Parent company “Groupo galas” which brought all of its holding together.
Slim made a large fortune in the early 1990 when Mexico privatise its Telecom industry and group acquired telemax from Mexican government. In 1990 his Conglomerate “Grupo Carso” became a public company worldwide. The Companies he owns accounts for about 40% of Mexico’s Stock Market firms. 70% of the Mexican Cell Phone Markets, Largest restaurant chain, an airline insurance company, and several hotels.
After purchasing so many companies in Mexico slim developed a US branch of his phone company ‘Telemax’ & also purchased stake in ‘tracfone’ US based mobile company. He invested in many diverse companies including ‘The New York Times company,’ ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’ and Airline ‘Volaris’. Apart from this he owns one of the most valuable art collections in the world. Slim is an avid art collector. In 1994 he opened a private museum named Soumya Museum for his wife. Museum features over 66000 pieces of art, worth over 700 million dollars & this is the most visited museum in the Mexico.
Forbes magazine has named this billionaire the richest man in the world 4 times 2010 to 2013. His charitable donations add upto well over billion dollars through his Carlos Slim & Telemax foundations. He has been honoured many times, like Humanitarian Award, Medal of Honour, Leadership in Philanthropy and many others. One can read more about this Great Mexican personality in the books like ‘Carlos Slim : The Richest Man in the World ( An Authorized Biography ) by Jose Martinez’, ‘Carlos Slim : The Power, Money, & Morality of the one of the World’s Richest Man’.

Written by –

Kikanshu Digarsey

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